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This service closed in 2016 notification was sent Sep - Dec 2016 to transfer to Golfshake. To get access to your golf rounds, stats & handicap data contact us via [email protected]


Golfshake still provides a free online golf handicap service.

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Golfshake The #1 Online Score, Handicap & Stat Tracking Services

The Golfshake score tracker is still free and will track unlimited rounds on multiple courses and maintain your golf handicap. The system provides additional information including golf reports & enhanced stats as well as providing score tracking via mobile apps and score tracking for groups/societies. Plus you can analyse your game on Golfshake across 53 stats, 44 reports, 38 visual charts plus 14 key performance stats to really get inside your game.

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Track your scores & stats online with the custom stat tracking cards.

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Download the app to track your scores on course, in the clubhouse or at home.

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Get a golf handicap online, access the website for in-depth reports & analysis.

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