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Golfscoretracker - Handicap Tracker

IMPORTANT SCORE TRACKER UPDATE: Please ensure you read the important regarding the Golfscoretracker services via the help section. This service will continue to run until 2017 but we recommend transferring your account and migrating your data to our primary Golfscoretracker service.

Existing members can still login here.

NEW Improved Golf score tracker - Golfshake The #1 Online Score, Handicap & Stat Tracking Services

The Golfshake score tracker provides additional information, reports & stats as well as providing score tracking via mobile apps and score tracking for groups/societies. Plus you can analyse your game on Golfshake across 53 stats, 44 reports, 38 visual charts plus 14 key performance stats to really get inside your game. To find out more:

- Golf Handicap from Golfshake

- Track your scores & stats with the Golfshake Golfscoretracker

- Record your rounds on the go with the Golfshake mobile golf score & handicap apps